Conficker Could Still Hack Into 1 Out Of Every 5 Windows PCs

Posted Apr 14, 2009

Before April 1st, the media went on to announce that on April 1st, the Conficker worm would begin to spread.  It is took the form of a 6 month old Windows bug and about out of every 5 computers lack the ability to patch the virus.  The name of the vulnerability is MS08-067.

“The whole thing about April 1 was a good thing,” stated Qualys’ CTO Wolfgang Kandek. “Before [April 1], the number of machines still vulnerable to MS08-067 was probably comparable to other Microsoft vulnerabilities. Now it’s better than average.”  The number of vulnerable PCs were about 40% before April 1, now it is 20%.

Earlier this week, the University of Utah announced that they were infected by the virus and had to shut down the campus Internet in order to isolate it.

[via ComputerWorld]