Consumer Reports Gives The Nook A Better Rating Than The Kindle

Posted Jun 17, 2011

The Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader has been given a better rating than the Kindle by Consumer Reports. While I have not always been on the same page as Consumer Reports, I know how seriously people take their ratings.

In the past Consumer Reports did not give the Verizon iPhone 4 a good review. They also did not give the iPhone 4 a good review when that device came out. I own an iPhone 4 and I couldn’t be happier with any other smartphone. Below is some of the scores that Consumer Reports gave for the Nook:

[To clarify: The Nook scores 1 point above the Kindle below it in the 6-to-7-inch category. But it ranges from 4 to 5 points higher than other Kindles.]

That marks the first time since the Kindle launched that Amazon’s e-book reader hasn’t been the top-scoring model in our Ratings (available to subscribers). It also continues the steady improvement in Barnes & Noble’s e-book devices since the company rushed out a glitchy first version of the Nook during the holiday season of 2009.

Thanks to a series of firmware updates, that first Nook, which remains available at a reduced price, now scores significantly better than it did at launch.

The new and old versions [corrected] of the Nook, like the Kindle, have has a black-and-white screens that use E Ink Pearl technology. B&N also offers the Nook Color e-book reader. (Amazon has no color device, at least yet, though one is rumored.)

As the full Ratings detail, the Simple Touch (a.k.a. “The All-New Nook,” as B&N alternately calls the new device) matches or bests?albeit modestly?its Amazon competitor in almost every aspect of performance. Among the attributes on which we score the devices equally is battery life; despite a power struggle between B&N and Amazon over which device runs for longer, we give both equal credit for a claimed battery life of five days or more. At $140, the Simple Touch, which offers Wi-Fi connectivity, costs the same as the Kindle with Wi-Fi.

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