Consumer Reviews Site, Angie’s List Gets $35 Million In Funding

Posted Apr 10, 2008

Angie’s List aggregates consumer reviews about companies for hire.  Angie’s List members plug in about 15,000 reviews per month.  Angie’s List charges users to read reviews.  The company estimates $14 million in revenues and is based in Indianapolis, Ind.  There are about 200 employees working for Angie’s List.  Bill S. Oesterle is the CEO and Angie Hicks is the CMO.

Angie’s List reviews companies on a scale of A to F.  Angie’s List receives revenue from membership fees and ads.  Angie’s List has over 600,000 members.

Angie’s List has recently raised a round of funding at about $35 million.  The funding was provided by Battery ventures.  The funding will be used to expand into new markets such as the medical sector.

Users that are skeptical about joining should read the Top 10 reasons why Angie’s List is worth the money.

Craigslist is rumored to have earned $150 million in 2007.  That does it, I need to register a domain name with my name in front of the world “list” and sell classifieds or aggregate consumer reviews.

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