Consumers Reporting That New MacBook Airs Are Having Screen Issues [VIDEO]

Posted Nov 2, 2010

Some consumers have been reporting that the new 11″ MacBook Air is having screen issues. The screen issues are being caused by a glitch in the video card which is causing odd kernel panics. Horizontal and vertical lines keep on appearing on the screen.

In the video below, one MacBook Air owner reported that the lines started to appear after playing a game of CounterStrike. Closing the lid to put the computer to sleep did not resolve the issue but powering down the computer and booting it up again fixed it. There is even a thread on the Apple Discussion board complaining about the issue. writer Serenity Caldwell bought a new MacBook Air and experienced the same issue after doing some screen sharing.

If you are having this issue, I would highly recommend either going to the Apple Genius Bar to report the issue or contacting Apple Care.