Controversial Chinese Blogger Xu Lai Recovering From A Stab Wound

Posted Feb 15, 2009

Xu Lai is a Chinese blogger that often times writes about controversial topics.  Recently he was stabbed in a book store in Beijing, China.  Witnesses claim that one of the attackers stabbed him because of offensive topics written about in his blog.  Lai was rushed to the hospital shortly after the incident.

Lai’s blog was called ProState in Flames and it was shut down by censors in November.  That did not stop Lai from writing about similar topics on a different blog.

During the incident, two men grabbed Lai shortly after he was done speaking and then dragged him into a restroom.  Lai’s wife forced her way into the restroom and notice that one man had a dagger and the other one had a kitchen knife.  Both wanted to hack on Lai’s hand.  Before anyone could catch the assailants, they had fled from the One Way Street book store.

The Southern Metropolis Daily described Lai as “a low-key sort of person who wouldn’t provoke anyone. However, there are many things on his blog that can touch a nerve and he has probably made enemies that way.”

Another despicable act has been made on a fellow blogger.  This is much more worse than the spitting attack that was made on Michael Arrington.