Creates Button That Translates Blogs & News Stories On-The-Fly

Posted Oct 16, 2008 is a new service for publishers that allows their visitors to quickly translate websites on-the-fly.  This saves visitors time that don’t know English from manually having to go Babelfish or Google Translate and then submitting individual stories. 

Once creating an account and adding it to your blog, ConveyThis tracks how many times the button was used.  The button looks and acts in a similar fashion as  Currently there are 5 button styles to choose from.  Soon it will no longer be necessary to have a separate blog that runs a different language and having to hire additional writers to translate.  Currently Mashable has a French version and TechCrunch has a Japanese version.

To see a sample of how the button works, click on the title of this blog post and scroll to the bottom.  First select the target language and then select the online translator of your choice.

ConveyThis started in June 2008.  The free translation button has been viewed over 2 million times thus far.  The most popular translations are Spanish, English, French, Arabic, and German.  About 29 languages are supported as of right now and more will be added down the line. 

This is one of the best new and useful Web 2.0 tools that I have seen in a long time.