Coresystems Raises $15.5 Million

Posted Nov 8, 2013

Coresystems has raised $15.5 million in funding. Coresystems’ iPad app helps with gas power plant inspections.  This helps enterprises manage their field operations and offers business information to sales and service team members when on-site.  The functions include service data evaluation, checklist distribution, invoicing, data analytics, etc.


Coresystems launched in 2006 and has around 100,000 total users.  Coresystems has around 7 offices around the world and their customers have a range of sizes and industries.

This is Coresystems’ first round of funding and private Swiss investors contributed to this round including Peter Zencke, a former SAP board member.  Coresystems plans on using the funding to help the company expand their global presence.

[Source: VentureBeat]