Corey Kinney Steals Laptop From Starbucks Patron For Not Letting Him Check Facebook

Posted Feb 24, 2009

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg should be proud of Corey Kinney.  Kinney, 19, went as far as committing a crime just to find out if someone poked him or messaged him on his profile.  Here is how the story goes.

Kinney walked into a Starbucks at the Prime Outlet mall in Ellenton, Florida.  He noticed one of the patrons had a laptop.  The laptop owner Gary Lyman was busy using his laptop when Kinney asked him if he could check his Facebook profile.  Lyman said he was too busy to spare his laptop for Kinney.  Kinney decided to take matters into his own hands by snatching the laptop and running.

A couple of mall bystanders caught him and took him down.  Police arrested Kinney and learned that his aim was to actually steal the laptop.  Kinney told police that he did not intend on hurting anyone.  Apparently Kinney has no known address, but needed money to get back to Texas. The laptop was supposedly worth $4,000 and he knew that people at coffee shops usually have laptops.  Lyman was from North Carolina.

[via FOX]