Corporate E-Mail and Calendar Features Don’t Work On The PlayBook Unless A BlackBerry Is Wirelessly Connected To It

Posted Jan 18, 2011

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is expected to be a worthy competitor to the iPad, but it has a few limitations. BlackBerry devices need to be synced to the devices to fully access e-mail, calendars, and memos.

However RIM is saying that the PlayBook tablet is still a device worth getting even without a BlackBerry phone. ?On its own, this is a great standalone tablet,? stated RIM senior product manager Ryan Bidan. x?This is not a device that is reliant on a BlackBerry.?

The PlayBook has a 7-inch display and a responsive touch-screen. The PlayBook will let your read books and stream video with the Flash video player too. RIM is releasing the PlayBook in two months.