Milwaukee-Based CorvisaCloud Is A Cloud-Based Contact Center Startup That Has Full PBX

Posted Oct 17, 2013

CorvisaCloud is a startup company that focuses on building a suite of cloud-based technologies.  The company is part of a larger firm called Novation Companies, Inc.

CorvisaCloud has 2 major components as their business model. The first component is the software-as-a-service contact center suite with enterprise phone (PBX) functionality.  The second component is Salesforce CRM implementation and consulting services.

One of CorvisaCloud’s larger clients utilizes their services for over 800 agents across one number.  CorvisaCloud can set up queue-based routing so that calls can be transferred to the appropriate agents.  Clients can easily scale up or scale down.

Matthew Lautz, the president of CorvisaCloud, told me that the company has full PBX for inbound and outbound agents.  “We’re all about scalability and reliability,” Lautz told me.  The company has two data centers, one in Kansas City and one in Chicago.

Lautz told me that CorvisaCloud runs the infrastructure of their service themselves due to security reasons.  “We make sure to meet PCI, SOX, and public security requirements since many of our clients are data sensitive, especially in the insurance and financial industries.”

CorvisaCloud has been growing at a rapid pace.  “As you grow and try to maintain culture,” said Lautz.  “We try to be cognizant about having appropriate management layers, even for new employees.”

When I asked Lautz who they consider as competition, he said that they do not see telecommunication companies.  However, companies like Cisco and Intel sells rival services.  Large competitors indeed.  Lautz told me that many customers do not want to manage the equipment themselves.  “Businesses are going to the cloud and they want to share the process of deploying software,” he said.

“We differentiate from pure contact center services by offering PBX services,” added Lautz.  “We give very in-depth control to the business by control exactly what associates can do.”

Lautz told me that they are operators themselves.  CorvisaCloud’s leadership team has led contact center operations and technology for their sister companies, which includes over 400 contact center agents.

When I asked CorvisaCloud what they believe are the pros and cons of being based in Milwaukee, here is what Lautz said:

Pro #1: There aren’t hundreds of tech companies in the area that they are competing against for high quality talent.

Pro #2: A lot of talented individuals in the area are looking for longer-term opportunities.  They do not take the job and move on in under a year.

Pro #3: The cost of living here is not as high compared to bigger cities

Pro #4: Employees here have a strong rapport.  Some employees have coordinated brewery tours, which is what Milwaukee is known for.

Con #1: A lot of talent and new college grads tend to move to bigger coastal cities.