CoTweet Raises $1.1 Million From Several VC Firms

Posted Jul 10, 2009

CoTweet is a startup that has built a Twitter platform for helping companies reach and engage customers.  CoTweet has several prominent companies using their platform such as Ford, Starbucks, Microsoft, Sports Illustrated, Zendesk, and Dish Network.

CoTweet announced earlier this week that they have raised $1.1 million in first round funding from Baseline, Founders Fund, First Round Capital, SV Angel, Maples Investments, and Freestyle Capital.

The company platform has the ability to manage multiple tools and accounts at once.  Several people also have the ability to post to a single account using the CoTweet platform.

CoTweet is available for free as of right now but the company will eventually charge for their services.  ?CoTweet is an essential tool that allows us to manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard, or have a single account with multiple people managing it,? stated Scott Monty, the digital and multimedia communications manager at Ford Motor Company in a press release. ?We can also identify who?s responsible for Tweets, which gives us the flexibility to pull experts into the discussion, and to keep a human face while doing so.?