Couple Hit With Criminal Charges After Picture Of Stolen Ring Gets Posted On Facebook

Posted Mar 14, 2011

Robert Driscoll (21) and Crystal Yamnitzky (20) were put in jail after a Facebook photo was posted. The couple from Pitcairn, Pennsylvania was involved in the theft of a 3-carat diamond ring. Robert gave the stolen $12,000 ring to his girlfriend Crystal. Robert stole it from a home that he visited with his Crystal and her cousin. Crystal uploaded a photo of her wearing the ring on Facebook and said it was a gift from Robert. Crystal’s cousin saw the photo and told some friends. The police were then called about the theft.

Robert’s grandmother said that her grandson was constantly being pressured from Crystal to give her a ring. Robert did not have the money so he ended up stealing it instead to make her happy. The two are believed to have drug problems as well. The ring isn’t the only jewelry that Robert stole. He also took several other jewelry items and sold it to a store in Monroeville for $250.