Courtney Love Is Not Happy About Guitar Hero 5 Using Kurt Cobain Avatar

Posted Sep 11, 2009

Courtney Love is a musician and a widow. Her late husband Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of 90’s rock group Nirvana. At the age of 27, Cobain shot himself. Cobain and his wife were both struggling with drug abuse at the time of the incident.

In the video game Guitar Hero 5, an avatar that resembles the late Cobain appears to be singing the tracks of various artists including Bon Jovi. “FOR THE RECORD I DID NOT APPROVE KURTS AVATAR FOR GUYITARHERO5. i think Kurt would despise this game alone let alone this avatar,” tweeted Love.

However game company Activision said that it was “great to work with [Love].” They even added that Love even gave them photos and videos to use for the game. Love even picked the wardrobe and hairstyle. Love denies this saying that it is the fault of Dave Grohl and Activision. Grohl is the former drummer of Nirvana and currently plays for the Foo Fighters. Love said that she and Cobain Enterprises plans to “sue the shit out of Activison.”

Guitar Hero 5 hit the shelves about 10 days ago in the U.S.. It will be releasing in Europe today and Australia on the 16th.