Courtney Love Now Involved In A Lawsuit Because Of Tweets

Posted Jan 10, 2011

Courtney Love, the lead singer for alternative rock band Hole and widow to the late Kurt Cobain, is in the middle of a lawsuit because of some tweets that she sent out. When Love got into a billing dispute with Dawn Simorangkir (Boudoir Queen), she wrote some verbal attacks on Twitter. Love had over 40,000 Twitter followers at the time. Love also wrote about Simorangkir on her Etsy account and MySpace account. Now Simorangkir claims that these comments have damaged her career and she is demanding multi-millions of dollars from Love. Love’s attorney is claiming that no hard was done to Simorangkir’s reputation.

Simorangkir plans on calling in a social media expert to testify about the number of people who saw the tweets and the credibility that could be lost by the verbal assaults. A witness for Love will present an insanity defense for the rock star’s actions.

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