To Launch ‘Cleaners’ Web Series Starring Emmanuelle Chriqui, Starting Oct. 3 (Interview)

Posted Sep 25, 2013

Starting on Thursday, October 3rd, Sony will be launching a new web series on called CleanersCleaners stars Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan), Gina Gershon (P.S. I Love You, LOL, How To Make It In America), Emily Osment (Hannah Montana, Cyberbully), and David Arquette (Scream series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Pushing Daisies).  Cleaners is written and directed by Paul Leyden (The Factory) and is executive produced by Chriqui.

Cleaners is about two young women that are asked to do an errand for their boss.  It turns out their boss works for a team of lethal contract killers.

During the job, the two young women discover that there is a sedated boy in the trunk of their car.  The two girls end up becoming a target by their boss’ client, who is the FBI.  The assassins also start to go after the two young women to get the boy back.

Cleaners will be spread into six 30-minute episodes on Crackle.  Clifton Collins Jr. (Traffic, Tigerland, Star Trek), Nathan Keyes (Three Moons Over Milford, Numb3rs), Missi Pyle (The Artist, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay) also co-star in the series.  The young boy is played by Jakob Salvati (Unthinkable, Escape From Tomorrow, Victorious)

Pulse 2.0 participated in a Q&A conference call with Chriqui (pictured above) and Leyden about the new series. Below is a gist of some of the questions and answers from the call:

Emmanuelle, what was the role like compared to what you have done in the past and how did the project start?
Chriqui: “We were doing some pretty heavy-duty physical training for this role. It was fun, but definitely challenging? I got hurt unfortunately so I was not able to do as many stunts as I wanted to.”
Leyden: “I approached Emmanuelle – a couple years I was at a BBQ and said I wanted to write a movie about a couple of kick-ass girls? We approached Sony and Crackle about it and they were on-board.”

What do you think many people will talk about after watching the show?
Chriqui: “I think Emily Osment will shock people because she comes from the Disney World. I don’t think her fans are ready to see what she is going to do in the series! She is so badass in this role!”

What are you able to do in the Crackle model that couldn’t be done anywhere else?
Leyden: “We have a lot of creative freedom – all of the execs and creative people at Crackle have been extremely supportive and has been hands-off in the creative process.”
Chriqui: “I feel like the [Crackle] platform has a much bigger reach than most other models. The potentiality of reaching millions of people on this platform compared to a pilot for a TV show is higher.”

How does working on Cleaners compare and contrast to shows that you previously worked on TV for:
Chriqui: “The actual process of shooting Cleaners felt similar to what I was doing with The Mentalist or Entourage? but with a quarter of the time and a quarter of the money. The average episode would shoot in 5-6 days consecutively and we would shoot about 13 pages in the script per day… We also did hair and make-up the same way I did for other shows.”

Paul, in this script, you have written a story that has a major focus on strong female characters. Have you done this kind of thing before?
Leyden: “I have written something that was specially made for Malin Akerman called Bye Bye Sally. For some reason, I have a tendency to write roles for strong and resilient female characters… It just comes to me.”

Is the show set up so that there could potentially be a season 2?
Leyden: “This is open-ended. The first season is a set-up for the characters… In the next season, we will be exploring more of their world. It is very exciting to see where this could go.”

You and Emily have great chemistry? Have you met Emily before?
Chriqui: “The first time I met Emily was for the show when we met at martial arts training in the valley. I saw her commitment and right after our fight session, I told her that I was so excited to be working with her.”

What was it like to executive produce along with acting in the show?
Chriqui: “This has been a passion project for Paul and I for years. When we met with Sony, we agreed that it has to be a certain way for us to say ‘yes’ we are going to work with this company.”
Leyden: “Have you seen the movie Horrible Bosses. That is just like how Emmanuelle was as a boss. Just kidding. We had an absolute blast doing it… We’re not reinventing the wheel, but it’s a romp! It was absolutely just a fun romp!”

Below is the trailer for Cleaners:

From Crackle: Cleaners Trailer