Craig Ramsden Facebook Status Acted Upon: “Feel Like killin some1”

Posted Jan 29, 2009

Craig Ramsden is a 19 year old kid from the U.K.  Recently he left a Facebook status saying “I’m twisted at home. My head’s up my ****. I feel like killin some1 need to stay off the hard stuff ha —- it it’s Saturday ha.”  Shortly after writing that he went to a bar and stabbed Paul Gilligan, 31, to death.  Yesterday Ramsden was sentenced to over 17 years in jail.  This is the same punishment that was given to Edward Richardson for murdering his wife, Sarah for changing her Facebook relationship status to Single.

The Facebook post that Ramsden wrote was shortly deleted after the stabbing, but police were able to find it by examining the laptop used by a witness that visited Ramsden Facebook page after hearing about the stabbing.  The judge dismissed the idea that Ramsden was provoked because he actually returned to the bar and committed the act after writing about what he was intending on doing.

Facebook has about 150 million users.

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