Craigslist Being Sued For Trademark Infrigement

Posted Jul 2, 2009

Classifieds website giant Craigslist is being sued by a Texas-based real estate company for trademark infringement.  The Texas real estate company First Call reported that AAA Apartment Locating started to post ads on Craigslist using keywords such as “first call,” “call first,” and “call us first.”

First Call believes that AAA is using these phrases to confuse customers so they have taken both AAA and Craigslist to court.  First Call believes Craigslist has responsibility to remove the ads because they are aware of the trademark infringement.  In Texas, Craigslist does not charge for classifieds which will make the case even more interesting.

The court case was filed in Nueces County this past May but is now being transferred to federal court in the southern district of Texas.

[via MediaPost]