Mokriya Releases Craigslist App

Posted Feb 20, 2013

Mokriya has released a Craigslist app on iOS and Android.  The Mokriya app lets you save items to your favorites, create push alerts for searches, view lists and thumbnails of goods on a map, and post a listing (with photos uploaded from the mobile device).  Mokriya has done design and development work for startups like SimpleGeo, Threadflip, and Path.  Don’t expect Craigslist to go after Mokriya for using their service in an app.  Mokriya got a license from Craigslist a year ago.  A license is believed to cost around $5,000 per year and they are likely paying Craigslist 10% of their revenue.

The Mokriya Craigslist app is free.  The app can be used to call or e-mail a seller with one tap.  The app also lets you jump between regions and categories.

So how will the Mokriya Craigslist app make money?  They are charging a one-time $1 fee inside the app for 3 premium features.

“We want to make sure everyone using Craigslist can go to us,” stated Mokriya CEO and co-founder Sunil Kanderi as quoted by Mashable.  Kanderi admitted that Craigslist listings with other data can make for an interesting application.  However Mokriya said that they are dealing with “fairly strict” licensing agreements which prevents the company from adding branding or manipulating data.