Twitter’s Crashlytics Subsidiary Launches An Android App

Posted May 31, 2013

Twitter acquired Crashlytics in January 2013.  Crashlytics is a service that helps companies fix the bugs in their apps and measure diagnostics.  Crashlytics has recently launched an Android version of their service.  Crashlytics launched on iOS about a year ago.

Crashlytics works with companies like Square, Path, Yelp, Kayak, and Path to prevent application crashes also.  ?It is nearly impossible for developers to fully test every edge-case and catch every bug before release; it?s even harder to find the root cause,? stated Crashalytics founder Wayne Chang on the company blog.

Chang said that they focused on Android due to massive growth and the complexity of crash reporting on the platform.  This is why they built an automated way to track application errors and crashes.  Crashlytics can be integrated with Eclipse, IntelliJ, and Android Studio.