Crazzy Eve Arranges Facebook Flashmob; 13,000 People Performed Silent Disco At Liverpool Street Station In London

Posted Feb 9, 2009

What do you do if you manage a train station and about 13,000 people pour in unexpectedly and proceed to dance?  You have to shut it down temporarily.  This is what happened in London this past Friday, arranged by a Facebook event [screenshot above].  About 13,000 people showed up at the Liverpool Street Station around 7PM at once.  Staff had to shut the place down for 90 minutes.  Here is a link to the event [Facebook login required for more info].

The silent dance was inspired by a T-Mobile commercial in which many people in the crowd at the same station joined in synchronized song and dance.  People in the commercial danced to songs like “Shout” and “Don’t Cha.”

Crazzy Eve, 22, arranged the event on Facebook.  “I was watching TV and the T-Mobile advertisement came up and I thought, hm, let’s get my friends down to Liverpool Street and do a little dance,” stated Eve.  Eve sent it to his friends who sent it to their friends and so forth.  Eve deleted his identity from the website and left after 15 minutes of the event beginning in fear of being caught by the police.

“There were a lot of bemused commuters wandering around the edges, trying to get to their trains but nobody seemed to mind too much. Everyone seemed pretty good humored,” he said. “I think a lot of people who pass through Liverpool Street regularly are getting used to this sort of thing,” stated Simon Hooper of CNN in London.

No arrests have been made.

Below are the videos from the T-Mobile commercial and the Facebook flashmob event.

T-Mobile commercial

Facebook Flashmob

According to Mashable, there will be another event at Trafalgar Square on Friday the 13th.