Crossbar’s RRAM Technology Is 20 Times Faster Than NAND Flash

Posted Aug 5, 2013

Crossbar is a California-based startup that emerged out of stealth mode to unveil their new Crossbar Resistive RAM (RRAM) technology.  RRAM will be capable of storing up to 1TB of data on a 200mm2 die.

?Today?s non-volatile memory technologies are running out of steam, hitting significant barriers as they scale to smaller manufacturing processes,? stated Crossbar chief executive officer George Minassian.  He said that their RRAM technology is easy to manufacture and is ready for commercialization.

Crossbar’s memory cell is based on three layers: a non-metallic bottom electrode, amorphous silicon switching medium, and a metallic top electrode.

The RRAM can be incorporated into the back end line of any standard CMOS manufacturing fab.  It has been tested and it will be be brought into the embedded SOC market soon.

Crossbar said that RRAM will deliver 20 times faster write performance, 20 times less power consumption, and 10 times more durability than NAND flash.

Crossbar will be licensing their standalone chip solutions that are optimized for code and data storage.  It can be used in place of traditional NOR and NAND Flash memory.  They will also license their technology to system-on-a-chip developers for integration.

[Image Credit: Crossbar]