Crossrider Goes From 1 Million To 100 Million Users In 6 Months

Posted Jul 16, 2012

Crossrider makes it easier for developers to write and maintain one JavaScript code to create an extension that is compatible with all major browsers.  They have a powerful API that powers heavy duty tasks and is kitted out with a suite so that Crossrider apps work great.

It took a few months for Crossrider to build their product and the result was a JavaScript framework, which is one code base.

“Last week we made it to 100M users. We?re overjoyed and proud to see our efforts paying off. We also know that while we may have given them a platform it?s really all thanks to our awesome developers and their creativity that has got us to where we are,” said Crossrider on their blog.  “We?ve got a community of over 7K developers creating kickass extensions that are getting noticed by millions of users and creating buzz.”

There is a community of 7,000 developers building extensions around Crossrider.  Some of the examples include Streamified, Color My Facebook, Spiq It, and Google+Tweet.