Cruise Automotive is offering an autonomous driving package for $10,000

Posted Jun 24, 2014

Cruise Automotive is a company that is going after the autonomous driving market. Google and auto giants like Audi and Mercedes are best known for its autonomous driving projects, but the Cruise Automotive startup is aiming to beat everyone to the punch after it just launched.

Cruise Automotive wants to deliver an affordable and autonomous driving package. The product is called RP-1 and is designed to work on Audi A4s from 2012 onwards.

There is a sensor pod that is mounted on the roof and it communicates with a computer in the trunk. The systems control throttle braking and steering. The RP-1 works with a combination of detailed maps, optics, and radar the RP-1 can navigate effectively. It can detect and respond to unsafe drivers too.

The package will cost only $10,000, which is a savings of the $100,000 autonomous systems built by Google. Cruise Automotive plans to deliver 50 in the first year and you can still reserve yours if you want.

[Source: Digital Trends]