The Cruise Control App Matches Music With Your Jogging Pace

Posted Jan 10, 2013

The Cruise Control mobile application helps coordinate a playlist that matches your workout pace.  For example, if you are going for a slow stroll, the app will most likely not play Skrillex music from your Music app.  You can also set the target pace in the app and your music will adjust accordingly.

When using the app, there are 4 ways to get started.  Either you can launch it and start running or you can choose your target speed.  You can set a target heart rate.  Lastly you can use the Cruise Control feature to pick a target stride rate.

The algorithms for this application were developed by researchers at the Locomotion Lab at Simon Fraser University.  You can download the Cruise Control app for $4.99 on iTunes.

Need more songs on your device? You can visit the app developer’s website at to get some playlist ideas — you’ll be directed to buy the songs on iTunes.

[Source: Mashable]