CrunchGear’s Matt Burns Taking Social Media From Dearborn To San Fran.

Posted Mar 22, 2009

I just had to give props to Matt Burns for this project from one Michigander to another.  Matt Burns of Swartz Creek and his wife Rhyannon is hitting the road with a Ford Fusion hybrid.  He will be starting from the home of Ford’s headquarters Dearborn, Michigan and making his way to San Francisco, California.

During the 10 day trip, Burns will be tweeting, texting, blogging, and talking on his web cam as he makes his way across the country.  Burns, 25, is a former salesman at Circuit City.  Through working at CrunchGear, Burns is able to work from home.

“I thought I was in for it in the beginning when he said he was going to stay home and write,” stated Rhyannon Burns in an interview with  “It’s a chance you take, not the typical job somebody has. But I had faith in him he’d take care of us and he has.”

Burns is one out of seven bloggers that will be delivering Ford Fusions to media fleets in other cities.  Burns is a former TV editor with as well.

[via CrunchGear]