CSC Buys Enterprise Cloud Company ServiceMesh

Posted Oct 31, 2013

CSC has signed an agreement to buy out ServiceMesh, an enterprise cloud management company.  CSC’s acquisition of ServiceMesh will enable the company to transform into a next-generation IT company to help clients move into cloud computing.

“The future of next-generation IT infrastructure will involve a set of multiple clouds utilized simultaneously by enterprises,” stated CSC President and CEO Mike Lawrie. “ServiceMesh allows us to catalogue enterprise applications and orchestrate those applications dynamically to run in different clouds based on the characteristics of the applications. From our unique position as an independent global technology company, we will integrate those workloads for our clients through our portfolio of services and technologies.”

ServiceMesh is known for offering a service called the ServiceMesh Agility Platform, an enterprise cloud management platform.  This helps automate the deployment and management of enterprise applications and platforms across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.  Some of ServiceMesh’s customers include financial services, healthcare companies, and other highly regulated services.

“Enterprise consumption habits have changed, as customers today want to move to a new IT model in which they can operate at a lower cost structure and get to market more quickly with their products and services,” added ServiceMesh CEO Eric Pulier. “Bringing ServiceMesh and CSC together creates a true leadership position in IT transformation.”