CustomMade Raises $18 Million From Google, Atlas, Schooner, Next View, First Round, and Launch

Posted Jun 11, 2013

CustomMade is a marketplace for custom made goods that competes against Etsy.  CustomMade has raised $18 million in a new round of funding led by Google Ventures, Atlas Venture, Schooner Capital, Next View Ventures, First Round Capital, and Launch Capital.  Google Ventures is a returning investor in the company.

CustomMade distinguishes themselves from Etsy by making it possible for a creator to customize the project based on the buyer’s tastes.  CustomMade works with over 12,000 professional goods makers.

?When we launched CustomMade, we wanted to tap a vein of demand for products that have a deeper meaning for both the buyers and the makers of those products,? stated CustomMade CEO Mike Salguero. ?As we see the marketplace for our buyers and makers? projects steadily grow, we have redoubled our commitment to that vision.?

CustomMade has raised $24 million since 2011.  The company started in 1996 and they have doubled in size and revenues in the past 6 months, according to VentureBeat.