DailyMotion Adds To Their Already Sterling Line Of Executives

Posted Aug 1, 2007

DailyMotion refuses to be eclipsed by YouTube.  YouTube is the #4 most trafficked websites and DailyMotion is at #53 according to Alexa.  YouTube is backed by company that is valued at $159 billion (Google), but as of yesterday, DailyMotion has hired a new executive.

Paris, France-based, DailyMotion.com has hired Mark Zaleski as the Executive Chairman.  Zaleski is the former CEO of QXL.com, a company that owns several domains where European sellers can connect with buyers and sell items.  QXL’s website is at www.qxl.com.

DailyMotion also recently hired Catherine Mullen and Werner Bell, two former MTV Networks executives.  Joy Marcus, former senior VP of Global Marketing at Time Warner opened a U.S. based operation for the company as well.

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