Dailymotion Camera Is A New Video-Recording App

Posted Jul 25, 2013

is a video-sharing service that competes against YouTube.  In order to encourage more people to share videos on their platform, Dailymotion has launched a video camera application for the iPhone called Dailymotion camera.  Earlier this year, Yahoo! attempted to buy out Dailymotion, but the deal was blocked by the French government.  Going forward, the France Telecom CEO said that they will be investing ?30-50m in Dailymotion.

Dailymotion Camera has a record, pause, and resume buttons.  When you are done recording, you can tap on the “tick” button.  The app lets you add filters just like Instagram and Vine.  Videos can be cropped and then uploaded as well.  You can share the videos added to your Dailymotion account on Facebook and Twitter through the app also.

Multiple video clips can be recorded separately and can be ordered into a larger clip.  Videos can be accessed directly from your camera roll in the iPhone also.

?UGC (user-generated content) is an important part of our video library, but many of our 115 million users have not had the skills or tools to document their worlds ? preferring to view content than create it,? stated Dailymotion chief executive officer Cedric Tournay.  ?We want to encourage this to change by providing a free, simple tool for any user ? UGC and professional ? to easily produce and upload top quality video content.?

The Dailymotion Camera application is available as a free download.  An Android version of the app will be built soon.  You can download the Dailymotion Camera app from the Apple App Store now.