Dailymotion Upgrades HQ Video Player

Posted Oct 18, 2008

YouTube competitor, Dailymotion has taken their video sharing capabilities to the next level by improving video and audio quality.  They are able to improve the video quality without having to require extra bandwidth from Internet users.

The new Dailymotion.com/HQ video player is encoded using H.264 codec with 96kbps audio.  Dailymotion’s video standard is 512×384 pixels at up to 30 fps.  The video player can be watched with Flash Player 9.  Higher quality videos can be watched side-by-side with original videos.

“The debut of Dailymotion HQ video reinforces our commitment to delivering the best content and the most advanced technology to our audience and our contributors around the world,” stated Dailymotion CEO Mark Zaleski. “Our superior playback capabilities have been a critical part of our rapid growth and success, and we pledge to continuously bring more enhancements and features to the site in order to give the best experience to our viewers, partners and advertisers.”

Dailymotion Info:
– 38.8 million uniques per month
– 15,000 new videos uploaded per month
– 855 million videos streamed in June 2008
– $43.5 million total funding (Crunchbase)

[image via Engadget HD]