Apple Refunds Family After 5 Year Old Bought $2,550 Worth Of In-App Purchases

Posted Mar 2, 2013

A 5 year old boy named Danny Kitchen in the United Kingdom accidentally purchased $2,550 worth of in-app purchases in a “freemium” game. The purchases took place in a 15 minute span after he asked his father to type in the password for a free download according to the BBC. The game was Zombies vs. Ninja, which is a free download. The game sells game keys and weapons packs for $105.

Little Danny and his parents had no idea that the charges were being added to their credit card. Fortunately Apple refunded the charges and the company recently made a similar settlement as part of a lawsuit regarding the same issue.

It is unknown how Kitchen was able to buy the in-app content if his father only entered the account password to download an application since Apple separated the app and in-app purchases two years ago. The password should have been required a second time for in-app purchases.