Data Delivery Eyeglasses Designed As Concept In Germany

Posted Jun 8, 2009

At the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Germany, several researchers are trying a new concept that revolve around embedding a head-mounted microdisplay onto a pair of glasses.  This gives the user the ability to access different information based on simple eye movements.

Here is a description of how the chip works on the eyeglasses:

“The chip measuring 19.3 by 17 millimeters is fitted on the prototype eyeglasses behind the hinge on the temple. From the temple the image on the microdisplay is projected onto the retina of the user so that it appears to be viewed from a distance of about one meter. The image has to outshine the ambient light to ensure that it can be seen clearly against changing and highly contrasting backgrounds. For this reason the research scientists use OLEDs, organic light-emitting diodes, to produce microdisplays of particularly high luminance.”

Some of the scenarios that are possible with the chips in these eyeglasses for the medical field includes monitoring a patients’ vital functions, x-ray images for an operating surgeon, etc.  For construction engineers, the eyeglasses could display drawings and installation instructions.

Right now this idea is just a concept that is being developed.  Dr. Michael Scholles is the business unit manager behind the device.

[via Gizmodo/Fast Company/Fraunhofer PR]