Data Processing Company Data Torrent Raises $8 Million

Posted Jun 27, 2013

Data Torrent is a data processing company that utilizes Hadoop to speed up analytics.  Data Torrent works with businesses to help process and monitor large unstructured data.  Data Torrent can execute tens of millions of data sets per second.  Data Torrent has raised $8 million led by August Capital.  AME Cloud Ventures (the venture capital firm created by Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang), Morado Ventures, and Farzad Nazem participated in this round.

?Data has proliferated and velocity has continued to increase, with the onslaught driven by the growth in the number of mobile phones, financial transactions, advertising, social gaming, online payments, online sensors, and industrial sensors,? stated DataTorrent founder Phu Hoang. ?This means there is massive data coming in that needs to be processed. With this comes the fact that businesses more and more need to make sense and act on their data in real time.?

Some of DataTorrent’s library is open source so that developers can build applications on top of the Hadoop ecosystem.  Hoang used to be an EVP of engineering at Yahoo!  The other DataTorrent co-founder Amol Kekre created the Yahoo! quotes streaming service and helped drive the development at Hadoop at the company.

Based in Santa Clara, California, DataTorrent has around 12 employees.