Data Solutions Company Ipreo Buys Financial Services Provider Discovery Data

Posted Jul 18, 2013

is a data and market intelligence company that has announced today that they have acquired financial services industry provider Discovery Data.  Discovery Data is the only company to have a database with a single consolidated view of the financial services industry including 34,000 companies and 2 million professionals.

Discovery Data has a web application powered by a big data feed that is utilized by over 300 institutions and thousands of professionals.  Some of their clients include asset managers, insurance companies, broker-dealers, and service providers.

“The acquisition of Discovery Data represents a strategic expansion of one of our core competencies: accurate and comprehensive firm and people data,” stated Ipreo chief executive officer Scott Ganeles. “As we have continued to raise the bar on institutional data to capital markets and corporate professionals, so has Discovery Data led the industry in financial services data to broker-dealers and the buy side, making our offerings naturally complementary.”