Secure Business Cloud Service Company Soonr Partners With Adonit On Stylus Feature

Posted Aug 1, 2012

In the 1980’s Martin Frid-Nielsen, Steven Boye, and Largs Gunnersen were working together at Borland, a software company known for building Turbo Pascal, Quattro Pro spreadsheet, Sidekick personal information manager, and SuperKey.  A couple of decades the four reunited to form a cloud storage company for small-and-medium sized businesses called Soonr.  Soonr raised angel funding in 2005 and followed that up with an initial round of funding in April 2006 led by Intel Capital and Clearstone Venture Partners.  Cisco Systems, HighBar Ventures, and Presidio Ventures also invested in Soonr.

 Soonr maintains mobile apps on Apple iOS, Google Android, and BlackBerry.  The Soonr Workplace mobile app lets you access your files on your iPad, iPhone, or Google Android device anytime and anywhere.  Through the app you can view pictures and edit Microsoft Office documents.  When you make changes on the app, you can instantly notify your Team and Connections about the changes.  Files can be marked as favorites.

Last week Soonr announced a partnership with Adonit.  Adonit sells a product called the Jot Touch Pressure Sensitive iPad stylus.  The stylus will be supported on Soonr Scribble, an annotation and cloud services app that is integrated with Soonr Workplace.  Soonr Scribble and Jot Touch will make note-taking a lot easier.

The partnership sounded very intriguing so I chatted with Soonr VP of Marketing and Strategic Alliances JT Sison about the new service.  He explained to me how the Jot Touch stylus is a precision writing device that uses styling ink for enhancing Soonr Workplace.  He said that the stylus is a great way to take notes on a Microsoft Word document or PowerPoint presentation and then notify colleagues about their notes.

This is more efficient than e-mailing files back and forth over-and-over with notes.  When I was in college, this would have been an amazing tool to have when working on group presentations with my business school classmates.  I can’t even tell you how annoying it was to e-mail the files back and forth over and over again as an attachment.  I would have loved to have a storage syncing service with the ability to take notes on a document using a stylus back then.  The Soonr and Adonit partnership makes life simply easier.

When I asked Sison about how the Adonit and Soonr partnership came about, he told me that the two companies has had a rapport since meeting at MacWorld years ago.  They have been supporting each other services for a long time and have worked with their APIs.  This partnership was simply just the next natural step.

I was also curious about how Soonr’s security worked.  Recently LinkedIn was hacked and Dropbox’s security hole was exploited.  I figured Soonr’s security precautions would be sophisticated and it turns out that I was right.  Sison told me that the company has numerous data centers.  Data that is accessed by Soonr’s 125,000+ customers have various levels of authentication.  The information of the files are encrypted on Soonr’s servers.  The data centers have levels of physical security on-hand and the locations are not disclosed.  Sison said that if someone steals your iPad or other device, the company can “blow away” your files for security purposes.  Security is no joke at Soonr.

Below are some screenshots of the Soonr app.