Dave Dederer of PUSA Puts Albums On $3 iPhone App

Posted Feb 19, 2009

You may remember The Presidents of the United States of America band from the 1990’s.  They had hits such as “Lump,” “Kitty,” and “Peaches.”  I still remember in the music video for “Peaches” there was this awesome ninja scene at the end of it.  People had their songs memorized in my elementary school days.

Dave Dederer, a former singer and guitarist for The Presidents of United States of America (PUSA) is now the VP of Business Development for Melodeo, a software company that develops nuTsie.  nuTsie streams iTunes playlists from PCs, Blackberrys, and Facebook.  One of Melodeo’s latest creation is an iPhone application that distributes PUSA’s music.  Four of PUSA’s albums are available in a $3 application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The application contains the music and exclusive material that is updated from servers.

“IPhone apps are exploding, including for musical artists, but nobody’s done anything like this,” stated Dederer.  “The possibilities around these open app stores, with Apple being the first and foremost, and hopefully RIM, Anroid, and others to follow in terms of size and impace — they’ve radically changed the mobile application, because they’re open.”
PUSA owns the right to all of their own music which makes it easier to distribute at a price that they decide.  In order to listen to PUSA’s music through the iPhone app, a connection is required since it streams for their servers.  Melodeo plans on taking a similar approach for several other bands from another label.