David After Dentist 2 [VIDEO]

Posted Apr 20, 2010

The original David After Dentist video has about 57 million plus views on YouTube and now there is a sequel called David After Dentist 2. David DeVore (the father of the kid in the video) also sells merchandise at DavidAfterDentist.com. Some of the profit made from the video views and merchandise is donated to Operation Smile and Drew Olanoff’s Blame Drew’s Cancer.

?People ask for more videos on a daily basis, but we have been careful because we are aware that it would be difficult for anything else to approach the success of ?David After Dentist,?? DeVore said in an statement with Mashable. ?However, now seems like the right time to release the uncut, unedited extra footage we have.? Below is the sequel [Mashable]