David Cross Is Releasing A New Movie On Vine

Posted Feb 19, 2013

If you have watched Arrested Development, you will know who David Cross.  He played the character Tobias, the brother-in-law of the main character George Michael.  Cross is going to releasing a new film that you can watch for free.  However, Cross will be releasing the movie in 6-second increments using Twitter’s Vine video service.  Oscilloscope Pictures is going to be releasing the comedy It’s a Disasterone starting today.

“Jean-Luc Godard once said that he pities French cinema because it has no money and American cinema because it has no ideas,” stated Todd Berger, the director of the movie in an interview with theHollywood Reporter. “Well this is certainly an idea.”

The film is 88 minutes long, which means that it will be chopped into 880 Vine videos.  Below is a trailer for the movie: