IDEO Founder David Kelley Discusses Relationship With Steve Jobs On 60 Minutes

Posted Jan 12, 2013

David Kelley is the founder of IDEO.  He sat down with 60 minutes ealrier this month to talk about “design thinking.”  This is the approach that his company takes when combining product design with human behavior.  One of Kelley’s closest friends was Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.  Kelley worked on a team that helped Apple create the first computer mouse.  Kelley did not just work on technology innovation, but they also focused on designs for toothpaste tubes and airport bathroom signs.

“Try to understand what people really value,” stated Kelley in an interview with Charlie Rose.  Kelley decided to spend most of the interview time focusing on Steve Jobs.  Steve Jobs even introduced Kelley to his wife.  When Kelley was diagnosed with throat cancer, Jobs urged him to pursue Western treatment and spend a lot of time with his family.  Jobs gave Kelley a new iPhone and called AT&T to help him set it up when Kelley was resting at home and undergoing treatment.

Check out the video below: