David Letterman: Top 10 Excuses Of The Guy Who Lost His iPhone Prototype [VIDEO]

Posted Apr 22, 2010

David Letterman, known for his top 10 lists, decided to focus on “Excuses Of The Guy Who Lost The iPhone Prototype” last night. Although I must admit, this seems like a low blow to Gray Powell.

Spoiler: Below is the actual list in text format:
10. Couldn’t call apple for help because I lost my iPhone
9. I’m more of a Kindle guy
8. You mean besides being drunk out of my mind?
7. Distraught Kate Gosselin kicked off ‘Dancing with the Stars
6. Thought there was an App that would whisk it back to my house
5. It must have fallen out of my iPants
4. Volcanic Ash! Run!
3. Let’s Just Blame Goldman Sachs
2. At least I didn’t lose my finger like that iPad guy
1. It didn’t work anyway ? it uses AT&T