Death Cab For Cutie Videos Taken Down From Website Thanks To Their Label

Posted Jan 26, 2009

As usual Warner Music Group (WMG) sent a DMCA takedown notice to YouTube.  The problem with one of their more recent takedowns was that it prevented Death Cab For Cutie from embedding music videos on their own website.  The music videos were quickly added back to YouTube again after several Death Cab website visitors complained.

Whoever uploaded Death Cab’s videos was clearly not authorized.  When Warner Music had it taken down, it left Death Cab’s website as blank.  This was pretty embarrasing for the band and I think that from now on the music label company will investigate the websites of their other band members before sending DMCA takedowns.

This isn’t the first time I have seen labels takedown music videos that negatively impact bands and movie producers.  I’ve seen Bollywood music videos taken down by record labels from the movie production companies that feature the songs in their movies.  And then there was the time when Jon Stewart mocked the parent company of Comedy Central two years ago for removing clips of The Daily Show from YouTube.