Decide Helps Consumers with Electronics Purchases

Posted Jun 20, 2011

A new service from tells consumers when to buy, and when?and why?to wait on a new purchase. The service has been a secret while in the works for the past year and a half, but today Decide revealed their new electronics shopping service. Currently Decide only advises on TVs, laptops and cameras, but TechCrunch reports that more electronics will be added to the site later this year.

Decide has been developing algorithms and collecting sales data, which combine to create a site that can predict when a product is going to drop in price or get replaced by a newer model. The site is extremely user-friendly with all the necessary information presented in a straightforward manner. Users are told to buy either “before prices rise” or because “prices not likely to drop.” For other products, Decide urges shoppers to wait “for prices to drop” or because there’s a “newer model available.” The advice is accompanied by a prediction regarding the prices and how confident Decide is regarding that prediction.