Deezer Reveals New Mac App As They Hit 5M Paid Subscribers

Posted Nov 6, 2013

Deezer is a music streaming service that competes against services like Pandora and Spotify.  Deezer has launched a new Mac app.  Deezer now has 5 million paid subscribers, 12 million monthly active users, and 30 million tracks.  Deezer’s Mac app will let you sync your iTunes library and offer offline access.  Deezer is best known for their web-based service, but now they have native apps on iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8.  The new Mac app should be available by the end of the year.

?Doubling the number of paid subscribers in 12 months sends a hugely encouraging signal that music streaming?s time is now,? stated Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer. ? One year ago we pledged to launch Deezer worldwide because we felt music deserved to be truly global. One year on, we are proud to say that we have over-delivered on our promises.?

Deezer also announced a couple of new discovery features. The “Hear This” feature and “Explore” feature will appear whenever users load up the service.  These features have automated recommendations based on the listening habits of other users along with playlists created by friends.

Check out the demo below:

[Source: TNW]