Defamer Emulates Valleywag’s Fate; Folds Into Gawker

Posted Feb 22, 2009

Nick Denton, the founder of Gawker Media has decided to fold Defamer into in order to assimilate to a struggling economy.  This past December, it was rumored that Defamer was up for sale, but I suppose that there wasn’t any good enough offers.  Defamer will simply become part of Gawker’s entertainment section. will still remain open but their posts will feed into Gawker’s feed.  Gabrie Snyder, Gawker’s managing editor will oversee the transition.  Defamer is about four years old.  Gawker brings in about 3 million visitors per month.  This is four times the number that they were receiving a year ago.

Defamer writers Seth, Stu, and Kyle will be out of a job at Gawker, but the company is now hiring a Hollywood gossip writer.  This past November, Valleywag was also rolled into Gawker.

[via, Defamer]