Delaware Jury Rules That Apple iPhone Is Infringing On 3 MobileMedia Patents

Posted Dec 13, 2012

A U.S. court in Delaware has ruled that the Apple iPhone is infringing on three patents that is owned by a software patent holding company known as MobileMedia.  MobileMedia owns around 300 technology patents that related to mobile computing devices.  Many of them were originally granted to Sony and Nokia.  MobileMedia filed patent lawsuits against Apple in 2010.  MobileMedia claimed that Apple was violating 14 of their patents including screen rotation, call rejection, and transmitting GPS coordinates when getting map directions.  “We’re very pleased,” stated MobileMedia CEO Larry Horn. “We think it’s justified.”  The three patents that were in favor of MobileMedia against Apple are 6,070,068, 6,253,075, and 6,427,078.