Delhi Police Using Facebook Pictures To Issue Tickets

Posted Aug 1, 2010

With a population of about 22.2 million residents in the National Capital Region of Delhi, India — it is difficult to catch people who are committing crimes in real-time. Now the Delhi police are using the help of citizens on Facebook to find criminals. As of today, over 17,000 people have became fans of the Delhi police Facebook page.

Through these pictures, about 665 tickets have been issued to people who drove without helmets, drivers using cellphones, and cars stopped in crosswalks.

In the actual city of Delhi, there are 12 million people and 5,000 traffic officers. The Delhi Traffic Police does realize that photos can be manipulated so anyone who gets caught can argue against the tickets. The police also suggested not to antagonize people into breaking the law. About four officers monitor this page around the clock now. These officers also posts information about closed roads and traffic jams.