Dell Announces Alienware 14, 17, and 18 Notebooks

Posted Jun 11, 2013

Dell has announced several new Alienware laptops: the Alienware 14, Alienware 17, and Alienware 18.  The new Alienware laptops have the newest generation Haswell processors, NVIDIA graphics chips, and 802.11ac WiFi.  The real changes in the laptop is the hardware design.

Dell got rid of the plastic body that the Alienware is known for and replaced it with a metal chassis and aluminum lid.  There are LEDs around the edges and the touchpad fully lights up.  The alien logo on the lid is always glowing and that color can be customized.

There are 10 color zones on the Alienware 17 and Alienware 18.  The laptops have Klipsch speakers that are powered by Dolby Audio Theater.  The Alienware 18 can support up to 9 macro keys and the Alienware 17 supports up to 4.

All of the Alienware laptops have a quad-core Core i7 processor.  Each of them have an HDD storage of 750GB and SSDs will be available as an option also.  The Alienware 14 can have up to 3 HDDs added and the two other Alienwares can fit 4 of them.  The NVIDIA GTX 765M (2GB) comes standard in the 17 and 18.  The 14 starts with 1GB NVIDIA GTX 750M.  The 18 has two GPUs by default.

The Alienware 17 and 18 has 802.11ac WiFi and the 14 has a Killer Wireless-N 1202 radio.  All of the displays are non-touch IPS with 108op as an option.  1080p is standard on the 18.

All of the Alienwares are available for purchase now.  The starting price starts at $1,199 (Alienware 14), $1,499 (Alienware 17), and $2,099 (Alienware 18).  An Alienware 14 with a Core i5 is coming and it will start at $1,099.

The Alienware Command Center software is updated to have an intuitive and user-friendly access to Alienware’s exclusive applications.  There is a centralized hub that can be used for controlling the Alienware apps.  The Command Center also lets you control the exclusive AlienFX lighting control system to create their own custom lighting themes.  The new laptops have up to 20 colors to choose from across 10 different lighting zones, totaling over 10 trillion lighting combinations.

Alienware has been working with game developers to have AlienFX incorporation in over 60 game titles.including Anomaly2, SMITE, and Neverwinter.

“The new laptops and matching Vindicator bags are the latest culmination of listening and learning from our customers since we delivered our first gaming system back in 1996”, stated Alienware General Manager Frank Azor. “We spent countless hours meticulously thinking through every detail of these new products to ensure they would be the most amazing line-up we’ve introduced yet.”