Dell Is Planning To Launch Android Phone On AT&T

Posted Oct 7, 2009

Dell, AT&T, and Google are in a partnership to launch a smartphone, powered by Google Android next year according to The Wall Street Journal. AT&T would become the fourth major U.S. telecommunications company to sell a smartphone powered by Android.

Clearly this is an interesting turn because AT&T is exclusively selling the Apple iPhone in the U.S.. By selling smartphones powered by Android, that gives more choice to AT&T customers which essentially is not a good thing for Apple.

Google first announced the Android operating system in 2007 and launched it on about 9 smartphones since. Given that Dell does not have much experience in developing smartphones, all the companies involved have to be careful in making sure nothing goes awry.

Thus far Motorola, HTC, and Samsung have launched Android mobile phones. Nokia is rumored to be launching Android on a netbook too. Motorola launched a custom version of the Google Android operating system called Motoblur. The phone is expected to launch the vote in early 2010.