Dell Launches A Social Media Listening Command Center

Posted Dec 9, 2010

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) CEO Michael Dell and CMO Karen Quintos has officially launched the Social Media Listening Command Center at the company. The Dell social monitor center is based at the company headquarters in Austin, Texas. Dell uses the social media monitoring tool Radian6 for data collection. Dell VP of Social Media and Community Manish Mehta stated:

?Our new ?Ground Control? is about tracking the largest number [of] possible conversations across the web and making sure we ?internalize? that feedback ? good and bad?

?Dell?s Ground Control is also about getting that information to the right people wherever they are in the Dell organization, globally and functionally. It?s also about tracking what you might call the ?long tail?? those smaller matters that might not bubble to the surface today, but are out there? and deserve to be heard. We want to ?hear? them too ? contrary to the scenarios about ?squeaky wheels getting grease.??