Dell Partners With Airbus For Helping Pilots Go Digital

Posted May 13, 2013

Dell Inc. has partnered with Airbus to offer electronic flight bag (EFB) systems for A320 airline operators.  EFBs are an electronic system that is used for viewing and interacting with flight crew functions.  It will replace paper operating manuals, airport charts, performance calculations, and navigation charts.

Dell’s Latitude laptops will adhere to regulatory standards and comes preloaded with the FlySmart system.  It will also come bundled with Airbus software and can be installed as Class-2 EFB equipment. The agreement between Dell and Airbus covers Airbus’ single aisle aircraft, but it may be extended to cover other types in the future.

The Class-2 EFB system is a portable laptop that is connectable to the avionics system and power supply through a docking station in the aircraft.  When pilots disconnect the EFB from the aircraft, it will continue working with the data to prepare for the next flight.

There are several airline companies that are switching to digital operating manuals.  Quantas and Alaska Airlines switched to manuals on iPads recently.

“Airbus is dedicated to helping airlines enhance the profitability of their fleets by working with industry experts like Dell OEM to deliver the best possible solution,” stated Airbus EVP of customers services Didier Lux. “Pilots will soon benefit from the very latest portable IT technology for viewing and interacting with their key documentation and information during all stages of the flight. Furthermore, this powerful and robust EFB solution will add value and increase efficiency to their daily work.”